Twenty Twenty: The Year of Writing

Last year was my "Year of Me" and it went pretty well despite the many bumps in the road I encountered. This year, I wanted to have another "theme" or New Year's Resolution or whatever you want to call it. And after thinking about it for somebody time, the one thing I truly want to... Continue Reading →

The Year of Me: Conclusion

Well if you've read my past blog post "Twenty Nineteen: The Year of Me" or the update post, you know that my New Year's Resolution last year was about taking care of ME. Too often in my life I've put others first and myself last. I was often tired and felt under appreciated. Well 2019... Continue Reading →

Depressed Again

It's official - I'm deep in a depressive episode again. I've dirtied every piece of laundry I own and it's all scattered across every inch of my bedroom. I don't remember the last time I cleaned anything other than a quick "clean" to make it appear I'm still keeping it together. I've cried more nights... Continue Reading →

Social Isolation

I have social anxiety. No, I don't mean "Oh, I get a little nervous talking to new people." No, I mean the soul sucking pit in your stomach anytime you are required to interact with anyone. My palms sweat. My heart races. I get anxious I'll say the wrong thing and look like an idiot... Continue Reading →

Living With PTSD

 My heart pounds so loud that it overloads my already racing thoughts - every sound, touch, smell and sight is amplified into a confusing mess. I'm desperately looking for an exit - a way out of this hell - as this weight presses harder and harder onto my chest. My diaphragm rapidly pulls air in... Continue Reading →

Why Are Men So Scared?

Due to the #MeToo movement, I've seen many the comment that "It is sure a scary time for men in America!" But is it really? If a man hasn't sexually assaulted or harassed someone, they should have nothing to worry about. So do men in America just all sexually assault and harass people? From the... Continue Reading →

The Mean Girl

I'd be lying if I said I was never the "mean" girl. Am I proud of it? Absolutely not. There is no excuse as to why I was the mean girl, but it happened and I want to own up to my wrongdoings. And although there is no excuse and nothing will ever make being... Continue Reading →

My Secret Fear

I have a secret that I make sure no one knows. It's a silly secret. A secret so silly, you might laugh when I tell you what it is. It's silly, but also dreadfully anxiety-inducing for me. It's actually a secret about my greatest anxiety trigger. The trigger that without fail has consumed my life... Continue Reading →

Are All Evil-Doers Evil?

Weird question, I know. But it's been nagging at my brain. Is everyone who has done an evil deed an inherently evil person? Is one act of evil okay? Where's the line of a "good person who made a mistake" and an truly evil person? And who decides? In my case, I've previously regarded my... Continue Reading →

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